Aloha and Welcome.

Tenrikyo Paradise Church is a small church located in Honolulu, Hawai`i at the foot of Diamond Head. We follow the example that Oyasama has set for us, which is the basis of the Tenrikyo teaching.
What is the Tenrikyo teaching? In the simplest terms, people who follow the teachings of Tenrikyo are trying to find a way to live their lives by helping others, so that we may live all together in peace and harmony regardless of any differences that we may imagine or perceive.
Oyasama is the name that we give to the Foundress of Tenrikyo, Miki Nakayama..

Oyasama, Miki Nakayama, commenced Her teaching on October 26, 1838, in a small area called Shoyashiki Village. As Tenrikyo spread and followers increased in number, many buildings were constructed one after another, such as those of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, followers dormitories, educational and cultural institutions, and a hospital. Please go to the Tenrikyo Church Headquarters Main Website for more information on these teachings.