Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Message

Lately, I've been hearing a term describing the younger generation of adults today. This term is "millennials." Now, I would like to mention that there are many people in that age group that are not the typical "millennial."

For those who do not know who "millennials" are, they are basically described as a generation that feel a sense of entitlement, even though they haven't worked at anything. Many people say that this may be due to "babying" them as a child. The idea of "everyone gets a medal."

Now, as an educator, I feel that everyone deserves a fair shot at proving themselves, and I also believe, that anyone who works hard at what they do will be successful, but not everyone will be getting a medal if going into some sort of competition. At the same time, not winning a medal doesn't mean you are a failure, just that you weren't the best that day with the people who were there. After all, if you think of the Olympics, all the nations are sending their best athletes, just because they do not win that gold, silver, or bronze doesn't mean they aren't good, they are one of the best that their country has to offer... and yet, even if they are the best, in a competitive setting, they cannot all get the top three placement, it's just how it is.

Again, I do realize that this is a generalization, and like any generalization, there are examples that go in the opposite direction. I am not making a message about "millennials" but rather the concept behind it. The fact that we tend to feel entitled, when spoiled, when provided for. 

Teaching in school, I have students work for answers, and in some instances, I have given some answers. In general, when students work for answers, whether in fun lessons, or difficult ones, the information tends to stay, and when given, they are often forgotten... at least after the test. This seems to be the same for material things as well. In my younger days, I would personally treat instruments better if I had purchase them myself than if it was given to me. Now, of course, I treat all instrument as best as I can. 

Perhaps this is what God the Parent has in mind. Happiness comes from our minds, we create it. It really is not an outside force that makes us happy. When we witness something or experience something, we make a decision if it makes us happy or not. Wars, conflict, are all made by we human beings, and it is we human beings that must find solutions to it. And this is why I feel God does exist.

Many people would ask me, if God exists, why is there war. My answer is, there is war because there are human beings who conflict. God can easily give us peace, and make us happy, but if God does this, we will never appreciate those moments. Unfortunately, we often appreciate things when they are gone, and sometimes, when we witness our friends in conflict, hear of other countries go to war, God allows us to hear it, as an admonition, or warning. Appreciate what you have now.

Never give up. When you hear or are face to face with conflicts, keep going and try to achieve your goals. There are people who will support you, but never expect it to be handed to you, and when you can, support others.

Thank you very much.

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